Pueblito Paisa

Remakes are becoming very popular lately in the industry, so I decided to do a remake of my piece "Pueblito Paisa", which is an actual tourist destination in my hometown, Medellin, Colombia. Originally the scene was completed before newest software like Substance Painter/Designer, Quixel Mixer/Bridge, etc were industry standards. So I mainly used Photoshop back then to texture everything. For this remake, I decided to make it look more like the real life town and make it look better. I re-model and re-texture almost everything with up to date software. Lighting was inspired by Encanto.

The Uncharted series inspired me to create this piece. My idea was to create an environment that would feel like it belongs in the Uncharted universe. Naughty Dog has been a big inspiration to me and I wanted to create a scene to honor the studio and everyone that has worked in it.