Depths of South Island (REMAKE IN PROGRESS)

*Green Hill and Marble Zone sections are done. Moving to Labyrinth Zone*
Note: once finished I will upload a final version. Still WIP in the completed areas.

As a big Sonic The Hedgehog fan, I decided to make something in honor of one of my favorite video game franchises. So for this particular piece, I took the fan concept art created by Michael Stearns and made it 3D. The fan art is a piece that includes the 3 levels from the first Sonic The Hedgehog video game. Those levels are: Green Hill, Marble Zone, and Labyrinth Zone. I took Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces art styles as reference in order to have a better understanding on how I wanted my environment to look like. My idea was not to copy their style at a 100%, but rather make it my own style. Nonetheless, I wanted to keep the "Sonic" environment feeling into it.

Concept By Michael Stearns